Early Greeks were the first to benefit from vibration therapy using it to heal injuries quicker they picked up in battle. So when you’re putting your body through its paces (Spartan workout maybe?), owning a sports therapy system such as the MT Sport, is a must. It also strengthens your muscles and enhances your overall performance – but how does this unique oscillation system work?

The MT Sport, which is a lightweight machine just weighting just over a kilogram, it’s small and compact making it very easy to store and carry. The system is fitted with a pad that oscillates and creates vibrations at a rate (50Hz) that is scientifically proven to get results.

The vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles and increases circulation and lymphatic drainage by dilating blood vessels. At the same time, the pores in the tissue membranes open up so that your muscles are able to draw in more oxygen and nutrients, this results in the muscles and joints gaining more energy and creating a stronger immune system. This process also flushes out waste products and toxins like lactic acid, which build up during exercise. Lastly, the MT Sport’s vibrations stretch the fibres that make up your muscles and break down inflexible scar tissue that could make you more prone to injury. Hard training can make tissue inelastic and impair performance, but vibration therapy releases any tension and restores flexibility.

The unique aspect of the MT Sport is that generally oscillation systems are powered at 1-20Hz which is particularly aimed to increase lymphatic drainage and help with weight loss, however the MT Sport has a premium oscillating motion which enhances the movement of the system oscillation pad to 50hz which is more in the category of Triplanar machines which specifically increase muscle strength and bone density. Triplanar machines are used more by professionals in the sports and medical industry because of their greater effectiveness even if the cost of them can be a hefty amount.

With the The MT Sport using oscillation motion at a Triplanar Hertz level it means you can possess a 2 in 1 sports therapy system, which is effective and easy to use on a day to day basis you only need to place the MT Sport gently on to your body for it to have the desired benefits. When you are warming up, just 10 minutes of massage will tune up your muscles for exercise. And the massager speeds up recovery time by giving your muscles the equivalent of a full body massage, reducing muscle soreness. This means you’ll get fitter quicker.

The MT Sport is carefully designed so that it reaches all areas of the body including every part of your back. It feels so good that you might find you are exercising more just so you can use it again, with no more struggling to fit a therapeutic massage into your schedule or your budget.

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